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Office Depot® Discount Program

Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association has partnered with Office Depot® to bring members a FREE national discount program. Program benefits include:

  • Up to 80% off preferred products (see Best Value List )
  • 15% off retail web pricing for 3,000 commonly used products
  • Next-day delivery with FREE shipping on orders over $50 (excluding furniture)
Sign up today at Click here for a 15% coupon on your first online order!

Insurance Services from Richards, Seely & Schaefer to Manage Your Risks

With climate conditions trending towards more violent, unpredictable weather events, protecting your assets is an increasingly important part of your business. CNGA members have access to the experience and excellent customer service of Richards, Seeley and Schaefer for their operational insurance needs.

Contact: Ernie Schaefer, Richards, Seeley & Schaefer, Inc. at 303.429.3561 x 108

CNGA member testimonials:
"We chose Richards, Seeley & Schaefer as our provider for insurance for many reasons. The first was their affiliation and support of CNGA, an organization that we choose to fully support. Ernie Schaefer has been a delight to work with over the 15 years we've owned Four Seasons. He is a consummate professional and is always quickly responsive to our requests or calls. Perhaps more importantly though is the fact that we view him as a partner and have successfully worked with him over the years to periodically review our policies to see where funds can be saved, a practice that is so important in today's business climate. Support for businesses within our area, region, and state is of the utmost importance to us when making business decisions and Richards, Seeley & Schaefer has been the perfect choice for us." - Gail Vanik, Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery, Dolores, CO

"I've had the pleasure of working with Ernie Schaefer and his Staff, for many, many years. Insurance is a vital and important element in any successful business, although, not the exciting or "fun" part to deal with sometimes, but Ernie and his professional Staff at Richards, Seeley and Schaefer, have made it simple, seam less and understandable. Always there with solid advise and the answers I need. The CNGA/Pinnacol Worker's Comp Program has been an excellent fit for our needs at Lafayette Florist Gift Shop and Garden Center and has helped us lower the cost of doing business in a tough economy." - Brian J. Wheat, CEO, Lafayette Florist Gift Shop and Garden Center

Heartland Payroll & Credit Card Processing Services

Helping you stay focused on running your business instead of hunting out resources, CNGA offers members these supplemental services:

  • Discount payroll processing saves you time and money so you can focus on your company
  • Discount credit card processing offers excellent pricing without the middle man rates charged by many

    To receive a quote and more information about Heartland's services, click here to fill out the referral form.

See what satisfied CNGA members are saying about Heartland!

"We’ve been extremely happy with Heartland Payment Systems and their service. Their ease of use is great along with a very user-friendly website." - Gretchen Anaya, Trees of Corrales, Corrales, NM

"Heartland is wonderful. The website is easy to navigate, they have great customer service if there is an issue and they have not raised our rates unlike our last processing situation." - Jennifer Timms Hobson, Jericho Nursery, Albuquerque, NM